Why do foreign tourists like Kiev

World tourism is gradually discovering Ukraine and Kiev in particular. Tourists from America, Europe, China, and other countries come to the capital. On St. Andrew's Descent and in museums, foreign speech is often heard. Foreign tourists sometimes do not have high expectations for such a trip, but return home in complete delight. Their newfound love for Kiev is based on things that Ukrainians, busy with their own affairs, do not always notice. Tourists' perception of Kiev largely depends on the country from which they come.



A green and a clean city makes a good impression on foreigners. Kiev seems to residents of American megacities a small city with a calm and measured life. Foreigners are greatly impressed by Khreshchatyk, St. Andrew's Descent, European and Bessarabskaya Square, the street of the architect Gorodetsky, ancient church architecture. Bright impressions of foreign tourists and leaves the Kiev subway. At deep subway stations, an inner child wakes up in every person. Many tourists plan to visit the world's deepest metro station Arsenalnaya,and one of the most beautiful - the Golden Gate.


Hotels and service.

For many foreigners, prices in Kiev hotels seem low. At the same time, they note a high level of service and quality of service. In good hotels, all staff are fluent in English, so the language barrier, as a rule, does not arise. Foreigners note the comfort of rooms, convenient location of hotels, friendly staff. They have highly demanded assistance services in choosing and ordering excursion tours, booking tickets. The rooms and apartments in our hotel are very popular betwin foreigners.


Restaurants and Food.

Delicious and inexpensive food is another plus of Kiev for tourists from all over the world. They are attracted by the opportunity to try national cuisine, as well as the presence in the menu of many restaurants of their usual dishes. According to residents of the United States and other countries, the quality of food in Ukraine is higher than in their homeland.


Accessibility Attractions.

Even today, the tourist saturation of Kiev remains relatively low. According to statistics, about 1.6 million visitors visit it annually. For example, for Paris, this figure is 83 million. For foreign tourists, this means the absence of problems with booking hotels, visiting museums and attractions, cultural and entertainment events, free movement around the city


Unique parks.

All tourists note the abundance of greenery in the Ukrainian capital. Rivers, landscapes, flowering chestnuts, lilacs and magnolias of the capital are especially delighted by guests from places whose nature cannot boast of diversity. Visits to the parks are included in many excursion programs, as there are many tourists who wish to enjoy the beauties of nature.


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