Where to smoke at the hotel

Among the travelers who go on vacation or on a business trip, there are many smokers. For smokers at the hotel - this is a matter of principle. In recent years, an active fight against smoking has been around the world, in a considerable number of hotels smoking is completely prohibited. In Ukraine and in many other countries, a fine is imposed for smoking in the wrong place. If the hotel’s internal regulations prohibit smoking in principle, guests may be evicted for violating this rule. Before booking, it is important to clarify this point to avoid unpleasant surprises.

In most hotels, both Ukrainian and foreign, smoking is allowed only in specially designated places that are equipped with an exhaust hood, comply with fire safety standards. Smokers need to make sure that the selected hotel has such areas.


The reasons for the prohibition of smoking in the hotel

In many countries, including Ukraine, smoking in hotels is prohibited by law. In addition, in our country, hotels have high fire safety requirements, their observance is strictly controlled by state authorities. The rules provide for fire alarms, emergency exits, infographics in rooms and corridors.

Fire safety requirements are aimed at ensuring the safety of both vacationers and hotel staff. A large number of people are at the same time at the hotel, the slightest fire in the absence of an effective security system can cause a tragedy.

Typically, rooms install smoke detectors, in case of recording signs of fire (in particular, smoke), an audible alert is activated. Smoking in the room will trigger an alarm, will cause evacuation of guests from the building, call firefighters and police. In this case, you will not be able to avoid a major fine, problems with the hotel administration and other guests.


Smoking in foreign hotels

Each country has its own rules. In Hungary, smoking in the hotel is allowed only in specially designated places. In Romania, hotel guests can smoke on the balconies, unless prohibited by the hotel. In Egypt, the decision to ban or allow smoking in a hotel is made by its administration, the state does not regulate this issue in the hotel industry. In Italy, you can smoke in specially equipped places and outdoors. In the UAE, bans apply to both regular and electronic cigarettes. In hotels of this country, in addition to specially designated places, you can smoke on balconies, unless otherwise specified in the internal rules of the hotel.

Before traveling abroad, smokers should also familiarize themselves with the full list of places where smoking is prohibited in the selected country, the size of fines.

During the fight against smoking, prohibitions are periodically tightened, so it is important to clarify relevant information in order to avoid penalties.

We care about the safety and comfort of our guests. Twin Apart Hotel features specially equipped smoking areas and non-smoking apartments.


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