What is a mini-bar in a hotel?

Our rooms and apartments have minibars. Tourists often have a question whether it is worth using it.

To begin with, let's understand the concepts. The minibar is a small refrigerator filled with drinks and snacks. Its equipment is determined by each hotel by itself.

Some tourists even make the first impression of the hotel by with what the refrigerator is filled. If this moment is important for you, you should check all the details on the hotel website before booking a room.


A bit of history

The first special small refrigerator appeared in the 60s of the last century. The authorship of this invention belongs to the German company Siegas. Of course, the design has been repeatedly improved, but the principle has remained the same. The main purpose of the mini-bar is to provide the basic needs of hotel guests.


Minibar filling

In a special refrigerator, as a rule, there are alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in small bottles. Cookies, chocolate, sweets, snacks and other small snacks are also placed in the minibar. The filling of the minibar depends on the category of hotel and rooms. Guests at the best 5-star hotels will receive local fruits or a selection of sweets as a compliment.


Paid or free

In most cases, using the minibar is a paid service. Hotel staffs usually leave the price list directly on the minibar. In some hotels, the basic set (bottled sparkling and still water, chocolate and chips) is provided free of charge, and you will have to pay for alcoholic drinks and additional snacks. In all-inclusive hotels, a minibar is often included in the basic set of services. A free service may also include fruits, a tea set.


Minibar: a sign of a high class hotel or an unnecessary option

In recent years, the popularity of mini-bars among hotel guests has declined noticeably. In the nearest store, drinks and snacks will be much cheaper, as in hotels the price includes services for servicing the refrigerator (regular checking of its filling, adding the necessary snacks and drinks). From the hotel reviews, it can be seen that many tourists prefer not to use the minibar in order to save money, so even respectable hotels have begun to refuse this service. Instead, at the request of the guest, drinks and breakfast are delivered to the room, and the minibar is filled also only by the request of the guest.


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