Seminar: choosing a conference room

Seminars and other business events are traditionally held in conference rooms. When planning a seminar, its organizer faces the question of choosing a suitable room. The overall success of the event, the comfort of each participant, directly depends on this decision.

Before considering proposals, it is important to determine the requirements for the premises. There are several key criteria, but in some cases additional individual requirements are made. This is the only way to choose a conference room with optimal characteristics.


Capacity and location of the hall

The most important point when choosing a hall is the number of participants in the event. A too small or too large room does not make sense to consider. Even if the list of participants is known in advance, it is advisable to provide a small supply of seats. If several new visitors appear at the last moment, there will be no problems with their placement. If it is impossible to determine the exact number of seminar participants in advance, specify the possibility of quick installation of additional seats in the hall.

The location of the hall also plays an important role. Seminar participants should not have difficulty getting to the conference room. If the event will be held on a weekday, check the traffic jams busy. In the case of a seminar in the country, the organizers, as a rule, take responsibility for ensuring the delivery of participants round-trip.


Equipping the hall with equipment

The issue of technical support for the event is one of the most important requirements for the conference hall. Depending on the features of the seminar, a projector and screen, a large TV, microphones for conference rooms, an interactive whiteboard and other equipment are required. Make sure in advance that the rental room has everything you need, or the owners are ready to equip it with additional equipment.

If you plan to use your own equipment, make sure that you have the technical capabilities to connect it and run smoothly. When planning an online broadcast of an event, it is important to check the quality of wi-fi.


Cost and minimum rental period
Prices depend on the size of the hall, its location, technical equipment and other factors. It is important to determine the budget in advance so as not to waste time viewing proposals that do not fit into it. Evaluate all the pros and cons before making your final choice. Sometimes the cheapness of a lease turns out to be a big additional cost for organizers of seminars and other business events. Another important point is the minimum rental period. If the event is designed for several hours, renting conference rooms for the whole day is an unjustified expense.


What else to look for
As a rule, landlords offer the organization of coffee breaks. Such a break in the seminar is an opportunity for its participants to communicate in an informal setting. If the seminar is designed for the whole day, arrange meals or make sure there is a good cafe within walking distance from the conference room.
The main characteristics of the conference rooms provided for rent are available on the Internet. Experienced event organizers without fail personally inspect the room, specify all the nuances on the spot. For example, make sure that the room is maintained at a comfortable temperature, participants in the event will not suffocate from the heat in summer or freeze in winter. Check the quality of lighting, equipment health.

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