Keep money at the hotel

The issue of storing money, valuables and documents during a business trip or vacation is always relevant. Tourists, as a rule, carry an impressive amount of money and are of interest to criminal elements in any country. Losing money in a foreign city or country is the fear of many travelers. That is why the money is usually stored in parts in different places, and tickets and the hotel are paid in advance.

To prevent a pickpocket or absent-mindedness from causing serious problems, travelers leave most of the money in the hotel room, and only take a small amount for current expenses on a tour or beach. The question arises, where to store the money in the room so that it will not go to unscrupulous hotel staff.


Safe - the best solution

Many domestic and foreign hotels have safes in their rooms. Check this point in advance, as in some hotels such a service is provided only in luxury rooms. If there is a safe, there will be no problems with storing money, valuables or documents. Take the required amount with you, and leave the rest in the safe. In this case, you don’t have to worry about the preservation of values. In some hotels, guests are offered to keep money in the safe at the reception. As a rule, it is opened with 2 keys (one is issued to the guest, and the second remains with the hotel employee) In the safe deposit box area, video surveillance works to prevent theft. This method of storing cash and valuables is as safe as safes in rooms. If there are no safes in the hotel, experienced travelers recommend storing money and documents in a bag or suitcase with a combination lock.


Where you should not keep money

Some travelers do not trust hotel employees and suspect each of them of theft. Respectable hotels care about their reputation, so the staff is carefully checked, cases of theft from the rooms are very rare. In cheap hotels, safes, as a rule, are not provided, so guests hide money in their rooms in various hiding places. As practice shows, in respectable hotels such tricks are not needed, and in questionable hotels they do not work. Caches in toilet bowls, personal linen, sticking money with tape on the underside of a bed or TV and other tricks of travelers are well known to maids who are not clean at hand. herefore, the only way to protect yourself from theft is to choose a good hotel that takes care of such issues.


Safe storage of money in our hotel

Twin Apart has safes in all rooms and apartments, without exception. Therefore, our guests do not have to worry about the safety of cash, bank cards and documents. At the request of our guests, for the time of their absence, we will put a number on the alarm (the service is available for all rooms). Book a room and get maximum comfort from your stay.


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