How much to tip in hotels

There are several versions of the emergence of the tradition of leaving for tips. According to the British, it originated in their country in the 17-18 centuries. They believe that visitors of tea drinking receptions rewarded the waiters to get their tea as quickly as possible. There is also a version that the tip tradition appeared in Germany in the 16th century, as a thank you for helping to get water from the well (the so-called "drinking money"). The Americans claim that its founders were cowboys who, before the evening started, laid out on the table the money intended for the waiter for good service. Today, the tradition of thanking staff in material terms is widespread in many countries around the world.


Tipping in hotels of Ukraine

In our country, tips are associated primarily with restaurants, bars, cafes and night clubs. Hotel staff are not very grateful with tips. In hotels, the amount of remuneration is always left to the discretion of the client (unlike restaurants and cafes, where they are often included in the bill).

More often than others in hotels, they tip the waiters for room service and maids. Tipping is rare for hotel restaurant and bar waiters, as many hotel customers think they are already included in the bill. In addition, it is difficult to assess the level of service in a few minutes, and gratitude is expressed only for the speed of order execution.

For maids, bills are left in the room. They are pressed against the edge of a pillow or glass so that the staff understands the purpose of the money. If you just leave the tip on the table or bed, they won't be touched by it in good hotels, since they will consider that the guest simply forgot the money. The size of the tip is determined by the hotel guest. Please note that in some hotels staff are not allowed to tip, only verbal thanks from the client are allowed.


Whether to tip in foreign hotels

Each country has its own traditions in this regard. Attitude to material gratitude largely depends on the economic situation of the country. The lower the salary level in the hotel business, the more willing the staff to accept additional remuneration. For example, in Australia, China and Japan it is not customary to leave a tip. Moreover, the hotel staff they can be regarded as an insult. In Argentina, surcharges to hotel staff are prohibited by law. In Egypt and Turkey, tips is given everywhere.

Typically, guests thank the hotel staff with whom they communicate directly. These include porters, waiters, as well as maids. Porters are given a tip after they have put things in the room. Also immediately thank you for fulfilling your personal request. In other cases, the guest can leave money, both during the stay at the hotel, and before departure.


The tip size is usually 1-10 dollars. Acceptable amount depends on the country and the number of stars at the hotel. Maids reward is usually left in the room.

In some hotels at the reception there are special tip boxes for guests to leave their desired amount at any time.


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