Electronic locks in aparthotels

Electronic locks in aparthotels

Many hotels care about the safety and comfort of their guests.

As we can remember from the childhood, a serious adult woman usually stood at the reception and gave us heavy metal keys instead of our’s passport. It was very inconvenient to carry these keys in a handbag and we were always afraid to lose them, because we knew that no one will give us another one and would charge a fine. By the way this lady usually asked us to hand over the key while leaving the room. That could also be unsafe for your property, because the administrator could simply confuse the keys and give your key to the outman.

Although time goes forward, many hotels, especially those that was built many years ago, are not in a hurry to switch to the new electronic key system.

But apart-hotels have already noted the convenience of this system and successfully use it in practice. The lock that opens with a card is much more convenient because you could easily get intoyour  apartment without any effort. This is also very convenient because you are no longer afraid to lose it, as the card can be easily renewed. To all other, it’s also the safety of your room, because the card is individual.

One of the hotels that successfully use the electronic key system is Twin Apart. Our guests often note that it is really very niceto understand that no stranger can even be inside the hotel or near the room, since it’s impossible even to go up to the floor without a card.

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