Apart Hotel (Kiev, center), the price, room

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and a tourist center. Many guests all over the world come to Ukraine to relax with friends and family, because there is lots of really interesting things you can find in Kiev. But also Kiev is the main business center of Ukraine. There are offices of various successful Ukrainian and foreign companies. Not surprisingly, that Kiev has been visited regularly by people on business trips, business meetings and various conferences. Many of them prefer to stay not in a usual hotel, but at apartment in a good apart hotel in the center of Kiev.

Very often Apart Hotel in the center of Kiev has more advantages than usual hotels. First of all, in the apart hotel it is possible to choose an apartment with several bedrooms (two or even three bedroom). It’s a great option if you are coming on a business trip with your family. In one bedroom you will be able to work comfortably in the evening, and in the other bedroom, your family will be able to relax or just watch TV. At the same time you will not distract each other. In addition, the apart hotel in the center of Kyiv in most cases equipped with kitchen-dining area so if you wish you can make your own meals. Even if you are still planning to eat in cafes and restaurants it is quite convenient to have a fully equipped kitchen. You will be able to keep some food in the fridge and make some tea and snack when you wish.

Are you looking for a comfortable apart hotel in the center of Kyiv where the staff are  competent and friendly? Stay with us at Twin Apart hotel in Kiev!

Apart Hotel in the center of Kyiv «Twin Apart» - a comfortable and cozy place for rest and  great traveling!

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