B&B - what is it?

The abbreviation B&B appeared from the phrase Bed and breakfast. This type of hotel is widespread throughout the world, but depending on the country, the policy regarding customer service is changing, there are no common standards.


A bit of history

This system of accommodation for travelers appeared in the 18-19 centuries. Travelers stayed in private homes for overnight. In the morning, the housewives treated the travelers with a home-made breakfast. Over the years, B&B hotels had changed - guests are provided with additional services, professional service. Of particular interest are the B&B, which are located in old residences. In addition to standard services, the hosts are ready to organize a tour of the building for guests, tell about its history.


The difference between B&B and other hotels and hostels

The main distinguishing feature of such mini-hotels is a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, which is as close as possible to home. In an inexpensive hotel you can relax before a business meeting or excursion.

B&B generally have a small number of rooms at the hotel. If the hotel is located in a private house or apartment, where the owners and maintenance staff live, guests are provided with only 2-3 rooms. They rest in silence, as the building has a minimum number of people. At the same time, as a rule, such hotels are located in the city center, and its entire infrastructure is at the guests' disposal.

In B&B hotels, maximum attention is paid to each guest. The owner or manager will tell you in detail about the sights of the city, help you choose an excursion tour, tell you where the sales are held, you can have a delicious lunch or drink good coffee.


Benefits of B&B

The most important plus is an individual approach to each guest. In a large hotel, as a rule, you can’t count on it. This authentic home-made breakfast, prepared with love especially for the guest, is only available at the B&B. In large hotels, where the cook prepares for several hundred people, they usually offer a standard set of dishes.

Often, despite the affordable price for hotels of this type, the quality of services at B&B is higher than the standards. Many hotels are unique museums where guests get acquainted with local traditions and culinary features, learn the history of the region.


Who does not suit B&B

If you are used to having a restaurant, pool and gym, B&B is not the best choice. In many hotels of this type, guests have breakfast at the same table with the hosts. Not all travelers are attracted by this prospect.

If the hotel is located in a private house, the room often has all kinds of little things that emphasize the authentic atmosphere. These things are usually not allowed to use or rearrange them to another place. Some guests may be uncomfortable with the hotel’s internal policies.


How to choose a hotel

Before booking and renting a hotel, carefully study the rules of the hotel, make sure that they completely suit you. For example, some hotels do not accommodate guests with pets; some hotels are non-smoking. In hotels for families with children, youth companies will be uncomfortable. In addition, you must agree in advance the time of settlement, arrange a transfer.


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