New Year 2021

Time passes very fast and suddenly looking through the calendar, you`ve mentioned that it is the New Year`s Eve.

Treatment in Kiev with accommodation in apartments. Part III

Are you planning a treatment or rehabilitation course in one of the capital's clinics? Take care in advance of a comfortable stay in the capital for yourself and accompanying persons.

Treatment in Kiev with accommodation in apartments. Part II

Clinical clinics, hospitals and medical centers are well known throughout the country and abroad. They are equipped with modern equipment, work according to world medical techniques and quality standards for the provision of services.

Treatment in Kiev with accommodation in apartments. Part I

The level of Ukrainian medicine is growing annually, many clinics and medical centers of the capital operate according to European standards, apply the best world technologies in their work. For treatment in the capital come both residents of Ukraine and citizens of other countries.

What to do at the hotel when you bored

Quite often during business trips there is a lot of free time, and you have to come up with an entertainment. In hotels by the sea, the question of what to do if you bored is also very relevant. In addition, the vagaries of nature can make adjustments to the planned recreation program.

How much to tip in hotels

There are several versions of the emergence of the tradition of leaving for tips. According to the British, it originated in their country in the 17-18 centuries. They believe that visitors of tea drinking receptions rewarded the waiters to get their tea as quickly as possible.