Hotel Studio room: What is it?

Studio or Studio room - a type of apartment in which a kitchen is provided. Unlike standard roos, the studio is a one room divided into several zones (usually a bedroom and a kitchen). They are usually designed for 1, 2 or 3 people.

Types of rooms in hotels

Hotel rooms are classified by type of accommodation, view from the window and level of comfort. Room type directly affects the cost of living. Before booking, carefully study all the data on the selected room so that your vacation or business trip goes with maximum comfort.


Keep money at the hotel

The issue of storing money, valuables and documents during a business trip or vacation is always relevant. Tourists, as a rule, carry an impressive amount of money and are of interest to criminal elements in any country. Losing money in a foreign city or country is the fear of many travelers.

Seminar room for rent

Seminars are an integral part of many areas of activity. In modern business, without development and growth it is impossible to make a certain business competitive. Therefore, quite often, entrepreneurs rent a seminar room, where you can conduct a quality business thematic meeting. 

Seminar room rental, prices Twin Apart

Every businessman knows that seminars, trainings and conferences are a very important component of doing business. It is assumed that renting a seminar room is quite in demand.